Eramen Minerals Inc. lead a Cleanup Drive at Barangay Biay

Eramen Minerals Incorporated held a cleanup drive at Barangay Biay Sta. Cruz, Zambales last April 17-18, 2019. The officials of Barangay Biay worked together with the scholars and employees of EMI to fix their drainage canal. Despite the heat and mud, everyone worked hard to remove the grass, trash and the soil that had accumulate inside the canal. The soil and grass that were removed were placed inside sacks to be used as fertilizer. Garbage and plastics that had built up in the canal were also removed in order to avoid further blockage in the water stream.

It was a huge help for the citizens of Barangay Biay because the initiative increased the flow of water. This is important for them as the main source of livelihood for the people in the area is farming. By cleaning the drainage canal and improving the flow of water, farming is made faster and easier for everyone.

Both the citizens and barangay staff were happy for the contribution Eramen made to their community. The citizens were very thankful because their farming was made more secure with the more consistent access to water, while the barangay staff are hopeful that there would be more activities such as this in the future.