Barangay Guinabon is a highly agricultural barangay in the municipality of Santa Cruz, Zambales. Most of the farmers in the community rely on irrigation, and their primary source of water is the Pitugo River. Without proper water irrigation, farmers from the barangay experience difficulty in their crop production, in turn affecting their livelihood.

In order to maintain consistent access to the waterway, the Sangguniang Barangay of Guinabon and EMI agreed to realign the remaining fund of the 2020 ASDMP to construct a Communal Canal and Box Culvert at Purok 6. The said project that started in March 2021 will supply approximately 105 hectares (ha) of farmland in the barangay. For this project, EMI spent a total of Php 170,920.00.

The Guinabon Barangay Councils expressed gratitude for EMI’s initiative. “This project will greatly help our farmers because it will not allow water to overflow, which will mitigate flooding in Guinabon. Thanks to EMI, it will now divert water for farming purposes,” Punong Barangay Diosdado B. Alota said.

The communal canal and box culvert have long-term benefits for the environment and ecological stability, including flood control, reduced soil erosion and sedimentation, and water moisture conservation through the agroforestry development in the watershed. They can also serve as alternative crossings for animals like fish. In addition, these enhance upland productivity and empower farmers while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Before Water Irrigation of Eramen Minerals Inc.
Water Irrigation Before The Project


Communal Canal and Box Culverts in Barangay Guinabon
Communal Canal and Box Culverts in Barangay Guinabon