In the town of Sta. Cruz, Zambales, catholic-devotees have initiated catholic ministries in every village or barangay known as the Barangay Pastoral Church (BPC). They build churches, do catechism, and establish chapels with the support of the town parish.

In one of Sta. Cruz’ more remote barangay, Brgy. Guisguis, a dilapidated and long-abandoned BPC chapel named the “Sto. Nino Chapel of Barangay Guisguis” was recently restored by Eramen Minerals, Inc. through its Corporate Social Responsibility program. The Sto. Nino Chapel of Brgy. Guisguis was established in 1991 and it was originally built with wooden foundations and coconut leaves for walls and roofing. Eventually, the churchgoers pooled resources to rebuild the chapel with sturdier materials like concrete. For decades, the chapel has stood as a landmark of the community.

Some years ago, however, the structure began to show signs of weathering. Its once-strong walls began to crumble and the roofs caved-in. In 2016, the chapel was finally abandoned by churchgoers when one of its ceiling panels fell during a mass. The chapel was closed for a long time and the church struggled to rebuild it. The patrons and devotees had no place to worship. Their community was in disarray and found temporary solace joining different congregations. However, they still hoped to be restored to their own church.

Seeing their beloved chapel slowly breakdown day-after-day was a painful and sorrowful experience. They hope and prayed for a miracle. Five years into this faith, an answer came when EMI committed to rebuild the church up from its ruins. EMI sponsored the complete renovation of the Sto. Nino Church of Brgy. Guisguis. The project started in June 2022 and finished in December of the same year. On December 15, 2022, chapel formally opened again to the Catholic community of Brgy. Guisguis where the first night of traditional annual Misa De Gallo was held.