In a remarkable turn of events, EMI’s commitment to education and sustainable practices shone brightly as a mining company, Eramen Minerals, Inc., bestowed a life-changing opportunity upon three exceptional students who graduated this year 2023.

Justine Ybanez, James Lee Molino, and Jerlyn Ladino, full scholars of Eramen Minerals, Inc., graduated this year, 2023, from Saint Louis University, located in Baguio City, Philippines. Justine and Jerlyn graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering, with Justine’s high academic distinction as magna cum laude, while James Lee Molino also graduated with the attainment of cum laude in a Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering. The three of them came from EMI’s beneficiary host and neighboring barangays, Poblacion North, Lucapon North, and Tubo-Tubo South.

With hearts filled with gratitude and minds brimming with excitement, the trio embarked on a transformative journey that would shape their lives forever. The scholarship program took them from the year 2019 when they were granted a scholarship as a scholar from the scholarship program under the barangay’s Social Development and Management Program SDMP.

An upgrade to a full scholarship program was granted to them when they passed the examination that grants them a full scholarship for their college entry, immersing their career course in the mining industry.

Under the guidance of seasoned mentors and the support of EMI’s visionary leadership, Justin, James, and Jerlyn expanded their knowledge and honed their skills. They explored cutting-edge mining techniques, delved into the realms of geology and mineralogy, and embraced sustainable practices that harmonized resource extraction with environmental preservation.

Their educational journey extended far beyond the borders of their community. They ventured to different mining companies, where they witnessed the diverse landscapes that yielded precious resources and gained a global perspective on the mining industry’s immense potential and its responsibility to operate with integrity.

Throughout their scholarship program, Eramen Minerals, Inc., emphasized the importance of community engagement and social responsibility. Justin, James, and Jerlyn eagerly embraced this aspect, volunteering their time and skills to uplift communities affected by mining activities. They collaborated with local residents, forging strong bonds and implementing projects that brought sustainable development and improved livelihoods.

Now, as proud graduates of mining and geodetic engineering who have not so long passed a licensure exam, Justin, James, and Jerlyn carry with them a profound sense of purpose. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the industry, they stand as beacons of change, ready to shape the future of mining through their expertise, ethical leadership, and commitment to sustainable practices.

Eramen Minerals, Inc.’s full scholarship program has not only transformed the lives of these three extraordinary individuals but also instilled in them a sense of responsibility to make a positive impact on the mining industry and the world at large. Their journey from students to professionals is a testament to the power of education, mentorship, and corporate social responsibility, forever inspiring future generations to embrace mining as a force for good, innovation, and environmental stewardship.

Justin Tabat

Jerlyn Garcia

James Lee Molino