Eramen Minerals, Inc. (EMI) is committed to ensuring the protection of the environment throughout its mining operation by the proper implementation of its approved Mining Program and Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program. EMI practices contour mining excavation by layers to preserve the natural contour of the highlands. Furthermore, EMI has adopted idle land inside its MPSA tenements in Candelaria and Sta. Cruz and is dedicated to tree nurturing and bamboo plantation. The company was a Titanium Awardee during the 60th Annual Mine Safety and Environment Conference in 2013. EMI was also able to secure an ISO 14001:2015 certification in February 2021. EMI is determined to continuously improve its business in a responsible and sustainable manner by incorporating the welfare of communities, protecting and preserving the environment, and taking into account the well-being of anyone its operations have an impact on.

As of the 1st Quarter of 2021, 96.2 hectares of disturbed land have been under Progressive Rehabilitation of which 19.48 hectares have been rehabilitated in 2021 alone. Rehabilitation includes slope stabilization, broadcasting of seeds, and planting of trees, and cover crops. The use of suitable slope stabilization control such as coconets and vetiver grass is also being practiced. Part of Permanent Rehabilitation is the Agroforestry under the Closure Management Area where vegetable crops are produced and fruit trees are planted. By 2021, the Gulayan sa Minahan project was able to produce 120 kilograms of crops. Some of these products are delivered to the company’s mess hall to be served as meals while the majority are sold to employees at a low price.

Table 1

To date, EMI has planted 110,398 trees and replanted 18,833, with 122,391 surviving at a survival rate of 82.9%. Some species of trees planted include Agoho, A. Auri, A. Mangium, Mindoro Pine, Batino, Eucalyptus, Bitaoy, Dingin, and Dulag among others. Planting of bamboo is also prioritized in support to the government’s initiative to recover the economy post COVID-19. All seedlings were produced in the Central Nursery through seed germination and from wildlings collection. They go through a complete nursery process to ensure they are ready for transplanting.

EMI plants fast-growing species such as A. Auri and A. Mangium on permanent rehabilitated areas. This effort is projected to help the community in the future by contributing to fuel wood production.

Fruit bearing trees can also be found on EMI site planted along the berms and on the West Bolas permanent rehabilitated area. Planted species such as Cashew, Mango, Banana, Guava, and Duhat were observed to be surviving in the area. Planted Rosella, used in wine making, are also striving at East Pimmagong rehab area. EMI looks forward to the best outcome for the benefit of the host community. EMI is focused on optimizing its resources and enhancing its Environmental Management System to achieve its goal for sustainable development.

Faunal Observation within the EMI MPSA

The assessment of terrestrial flora and fauna will be programmed for next year, 2022. There are species of wildlife observed dwelling, visiting, hibernating, and breeding within the tenement, such as herps, avifaunal, hexapods, and amphibians, among others. The most prominent wildlife species incidentally found in association with other species under the least concern classification, are:

  1. Brahminy kite (Haliastus indus)
  2. Monitor lizard (Varanus spp.)
  3. Oriole
  4. Spotted dove (Streptopelia spp.)
  5. Philippine needletail (Mearnsia picina)
  6. Yellow wattled bulbul
  7. Rusty crowned babbler
  8. Tree skink
  9. Gecko
  10. Etc.

Eramen Minerals, Inc. (EMI) also conducted the following research:

  1. Greening of rocky embankments
  2. Slope stabilization using vetiver and hay bales.
  3. Use of rosella in progressive rehabilitation and determination of its potential livelihood uses.
Nursery Operations
                                                                                          Nursery Operations.
Dibbling Of Collected Wildings
                                                                                     Dibbling Of Collected Wildings
Watering Of Seedlings At Nursery
                                                                                 Watering Of Seedlings At Nursery
Planting of A. Auri and A. Mangium at East Pimmagong
                                                             Planting of A. Auri and A. Mangium at East Pimmagong
Watering Of Broadcasted Seeds On The Installed Coconet
                                              Watering Of Broadcasted Seeds On The Installed Coconet
Gulayan sa Minahan Operations
                                                                             Gulayan sa Minahan Operations