The celebration of Philippine Environment Month in 2023 was marked by a significant environmental endeavor led by Eramen Minerals, Inc. (EMI). EMI, a mining company, demonstrated its commitment to environmental protection and conservation by participating in the World Environment Month Simultaneous Tree Planting. The event took place on June 5, 2023, and involved 194 participants, including EMI staff and personnel, the Philippine National Police (PNP) Sta. Cruz and Candelaria, and on-the-job trainees from President Ramon Magsaysay State University (PRMSU).

During the event, a total of 12,180 seedlings were planted in EMI’s mining tenement located in East Pimmagong, Block B South, Block A, and Upper Bolas. These seedlings consisted of 22 native and endemic species, promoting species diversity and ecosystem services in the area. Here is the list of species seedlings planted for the celebration:


  1. Tanguile (Shorea polysperma) – 800
  2. Yakal-yamban (Shorea falciferoides) – 360
  3. Tui (Dolichandrone spathacea) – 40
  4. Bangkoro (Morinda citrifolia) – 120
  5. Palosapis (Anisoptera thurifera) – 460
  6. Kamagong (Diospyros blancoi) – 380
  7. Talisay (Terminalia catappa) – 460
  8. Akleng Parang (Albizia procera) – 820
  9. Paitan (Syzygium sp.) – 480
  10. Narra (Pterocarpus indicus) – 380
  11. Malatanglin (Adenanthera pavonine) – 460
  12. Pahutan (Mangifera altissima) – 2,160
  13. Bangkal (Nauclea orientalis) – 660
  14. Batino (Alstonia macrophylla) – 400
  15. Dulag (Metopium toxiferum) – 1,100
  16. Molave (Vitex parviflora) – 300
  17. Ebony (Dyospyros ferrea) – 100
  18. Pamintaogen (Calophyllum soulattri) – 40
  19. Sampalok (Tamarindus indica) – 1,220
  20. Agoho (Casuarina equisetifolia) – 600
  21. Ipil-ipil (Leucaena leucocephala) – 760
  22. Bataan Fig (Ficus bataanensis) – 80


By using these native and endemic species, EMI aimed to establish an Arboretum—a botanical collection of trees with varying species—for a future project. The Arboretum will serve as a recreational park within the company, featuring diverse floral species for research, education, conservation, and horticultural display.

Additionally, it will function as a field gene bank, preserving endangered and threatened species and contributing to biodiversity conservation.

EMI’s decision to abandon the use of exotic species for rehabilitation activities aligns with the DENR Administrative Order 2022-04, which emphasizes biodiversity conservation and protection in mining companies.

The collaborative efforts of EMI and various stakeholders not only contributed to the restoration of ecosystems but also fostered a stronger sense of environmental responsibility among individuals. The success of the Philippine Environment Month 2023 highlights the importance of community involvement and active participation in environmental conservation initiatives, ultimately leading to the development of a more resilient nation.