The Eramen Minerals Incorporated successfully conducted its mobile clinic (medical mission and operation tuli) on May 05, 2019 at Barangay Guisguis, Sta. Cruz, Zambales. The mobile clinic was held as part of Social Development Management Program of EMI that conducted during summer vacation.

The medical team was composed of nurses, doctors, medical specialists and medical social workers. The activity was

conducted simultaneously in a covered court of Barangay Guisguis Plaza for the medical mission and at Barangay

Health Center where the operation tuli were performed.

The target beneficiaries of the mission were children and elderly living in the area and nearby barangays.

One week prior to the medical mission, the EMI staffs and workers prepared and checked the medicines needed in the mission to make sure it’s adequate enough to sustain the volume of patients anticipated in the area.

A total of 171 beneficiaries were treated and served during the mission. Most of the patients served in the medical were female with a frequency of 85, and the rest male with a frequency of 31 and a total of 55 patients in operation tuli.

The mobile clinic was started at 8:00 am and finished at 12:00 pm. No untoward incident was noted during the conduct of the activity.