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Support to Year-end Assessment of Barangay Bangcol, Biay, Bayto, Guinabon, Tubo-tubo South, Tubo-tubo North, Pagatpat, Bolitoc, Poblacion South, Poblacion North, Canaynayan, & Malabago

Eramen Mineral Inc. enthusiastically supports the national government’s initiative to evaluate its own local governments, as such development has become more progressive. The results of the assessment were worthy of celebration, which is reason enough to rejoice this holiday season. All of this is due…

Satisfied Constituents At A Glance

Eramen Minerals Inc. has helped many individuals and institutions since its establishment. As the company gains more knowledge about society’s needs, it also realizes the importance of feedback and experiencing things firsthand. These learnings and criticisms can lead to more meaningful assistance and aid that…

Environment Mine Rehabilitation

Eramen Minerals, Inc. (EMI) is committed to ensuring the protection of the environment throughout its mining operation by the proper implementation of its approved Mining Program and Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program. EMI practices contour mining excavation by layers to preserve the natural contour of…

Eramen Minerals, Inc. COVID-19 Response

In addressing the health and livelihood impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Eramen Minerals, Inc. (EMI), a responsible mining company led by professionals committed to the highest standards of corporate citizenship and environmental sustainability through an active partnership with its stakeholders, service providers, and its host…

What is Nickel?

Earth consists of different kinds of elements. Oxygen, Hydrogen, Calcium, Potassium, Carbon; these are some of the most common elements present on earth. Another element that should not be overlooked and that is used quite frequently in our daily lives is Nickel. It is a…

Responsible Mining at Eramen Minerals Inc.

Responsible Mining is an advocacy to reform mining activity, putting priority in social and economic well-being as well as strengthening environmental protection. Acknowledging its importance, Eramen Minerals Inc. (EMI) has been an advocate of responsible mining since their foundation. They have not only spoken up…


Pangasinan Rd, Santa Cruz, Zambales