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EMI Scholars Review & Tutorial

By Justin Ybanez

We’re doing our 101% in assuring our scholars to have a better future.

The concept of scholarship program differs from other scholarship grants as its approach is holistic. The program encompasses not just the monetary aspect but a string of support. In addition to monthly stipend, EMI scholars are being provided with school supplies and uniforms, review/tutorials, an E-center – where set of computers with internet access and review materials was established), monthly consultations, and continuous monitoring with the help of parents and their teachers. This holistic approached of providing support to the students is based on the belief that more than the monetary needs of the students, is the guidance, logistical and moral support of the parents and the teachers. Material support only constitute part of the total support needed by the students to persevere in their studies.

The program enjoy supports from the community as well as the volunteer teachers from different schools who does the review tutorial and the active participation of its Technical Working Group (TWG) in helping our said activity which started in the year 2013.