Eramen Minerals Inc. has helped many individuals and institutions since its establishment. As the company gains more knowledge about society’s needs, it also realizes the importance of feedback and experiencing things firsthand. These learnings and criticisms can lead to more meaningful assistance and aid that would benefit constituents directly.

After the medical equipment turnover on July 6, 2021, a pregnant woman entered the health center for a check-up. With permission from both the head nurse, Ms. Castanos, and the patient, the procedure was observed and documented.

The ultrasound testing only consumed 2-3 minutes which showed the efficiency and efficacy of the portable fetal doppler, a handheld medical device that uses sound waves to check the baby’s heart rate. Sadly, the findings revealed that the fetus had a slightly weak heart rate. The head nurse, Ms. Castanos, said that the baby’s condition was still within the scope of normal fetal heart rate (FHR) and advised the mother to do some exercises, eat healthy foods, and come back for a comprehensive check-up. An abnormal heart rate may signify that the baby is not getting enough oxygen or that there are underlying problems which are needed to be addressed.

The addition of the fetal dropper in the health center’s arsenal helps medical workers quickly and correctly diagnose the condition of a baby. This gives them the ability to properly assess the situation and do something before it is too late. The preventive measures that take place after ultrasonic testing could potentially decrease the risk of miscarriage, thus undergoing a fetal doppler test could be a lifesaver. Furthermore, pregnant women of Tubo-tubo South do not need to travel to far hospitals or medical facilities for check-ups anymore unless further tests are required. This instance is just one example of the convenience and efficacy the fetal dropper brings to medical facilities like Barangay Health Centers.