Eramen Minerals, Inc. (EMI) demonstrates its steadfast commitment to social responsibility through the implementation of the Social Development and Management Program in 2023. One notable initiative involves the provision of training on mango puree production to the Women’s Association of Barangay Bolitoc and Lucapon South. This program is designed to empower local women by imparting valuable skills and knowledge, fostering economic independence and sustainability within the community.

The training sessions conducted by EMI are not merely instructional but serve as interactive and engaging platforms for the participants. EMI recognizes the importance of hands-on learning experiences and practical insights. Through these sessions, the women of Barangay Bolitoc and Lucapon South are equipped with the necessary expertise to harness the potential of mangoes, a locally abundant resource, into a marketable product such as puree.

Furthermore, the Social Development and Management Program emphasizes the establishment of important connections between EMI and the local communities. This training initiative not only imparts technical skills but also builds bridges between the company and the community members. By fostering such relationships, EMI strives to create a symbiotic partnership that contributes to the sustainable development of both the company and the local residents.

In essence, Eramen Minerals, Inc.’s provision of training on mango puree production exemplifies a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility. By investing in the skills and economic empowerment of the Women’s Association, EMI not only supports the immediate community but also lays the groundwork for long-term socio-economic development, aligning with the company’s commitment to responsible mining and community engagement.