The government has implemented different measures to minimize the impact of COVID 19. Up to now, heavily guarded checkpoints can be seen on the borders between towns and provinces. The policemen stationed at the checkpoints are considered frontliners together with the healthcare workers (nurses, doctors, medical technologist, etc.). They are frequently in contact with people from other places and are at high risk of being infected unless properly protected.

On May 26, 2021, EMI gave 2 gallons of alcohol worth 560 pesos to the Gama and Maya checkpoints led by Gama Checkpoint’s team leader, Police Lt. Nickdeo Pastor, and Maya Checkpoint’s assistant team leader, PCMS. Emerson A. Acan.

Then, on the 28th day of May, the same beneficiaries received 4 boxes of facemasks worth 112 pesos. The policemen expressed their heartfelt gratitude to EMI and vowed that they will continue fulfilling their duty to the country.