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Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (EPEP)

The goal of EPEP is to ensure that the environmental impact of our operation will be kept under control and to bring back, if not improve, the original condition of land before mining. To date, ERAMEN has spent a total of PHP 258,549,958.28 to pursue this goal. Activities under EPEP primarily include:

  • Temporary Revegetation – to minimize enhanced soil erosion, mine areas shall be limited to only 60 hectares. Other opened areas, even if they’re not yet mined-out, will be planted with different fast-growing species such as bamboo to provide immediate vegetation cover
  • Progressive Rehabilitation – mined-out areas undergo permanent reforestation to bring back the original condition of land. However, to further improve the area, Eramen reforestation applies agroforestry wherein high-value plants such as fruit-bearing trees are planted alongside forest tree species
  • Environmental Impact Control Measures – Eramen constructs and/or install different structures to maintain the quality of air and water during operation. This include settling ponds, settling traps, and drainage belts to control enhanced erosion in mine areas and watering of roads for dust generated during hauling.
  • Environmental Quality Monitoring – air and water quality are regularly monitored to ensure that they remain under DENR standards.
  • Waste Management – Eramen strictly implements protocol on handling and disposal of solid and hazardous waste
Species Outplanted seedlings Species Outplanted seedlings
Agoho 45,219 Kanomot 505
Alebang 15 Langka 813
Anonas 2 Lanotan 41
Atis 11 Lychee 44
Auri 53,709 Lemon 55
Bagras 1,310 M. Pine 37
Balitinaw 353 Madre Cacao 23
Bamboo 206 Mahogany 20
Batino 1,931 Mango 694
Bayto 50 Marang 53
Betauy 151 Mindoro pine 340
Butterfly 10 Narra 94
Caimito 15 Pagospos 25
Calamansi 18 Palm tree 13
Camachile 222 Palosapis 219
Cashew 3,325 Pera 33
Coconut 6 Pili 17
Coffee 67 Rain Tree 1,608
Dao 7 Salago 780
Duhat 2,191 Sampaloc 348
Dulag 8,245 Sandana 364
Fire Tree 465 Santol 69
G. Shower 993 Talisay 30
Gmelina 35 Umbrella tree 13
Grapes 15 Paitan 89
Guava 257 Bignay 17
Guyabano 50 Sakot 2
Ipil-ipil 2,972 TOTAL 128,277
Kakawate 81


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