Mining has the potential to make a lasting impact on our society and the environment we reside in if it is not conducted properly. There are understandable concerns regarding its effects on nature, health, and safety, and in a world where everything is heavily scrutinized, the significance of responsible mining is greater than ever before. Eramen Minerals Inc. is a mining company that understands this and the importance of sustainable, responsible development. Eramen Minerals Inc. values nature and the health and safety of their community. Cleanliness and orderliness are of utmost importance to them, and the most tangible example of these values can be seen at their base camp at Sta. Cruz, Zambales.

Eramen Minerals Inc. has different departments, offices, and facilities that meet and surpass the standards that should be followed by a responsible mining company. When you first enter their base camp, you immediately notice their attentive yet accommodating Security Team. The officers are well-trained and qualified for the task at hand, and this theme of competence and expertise is prevalent wherever you look. Exploring the camp alone, seeing facilities such as the Safety Office, Clinic, XRF Facility, and Chemical Laboratory, it is obvious that Eramen Minerals Inc. take their work very seriously.

For example, the Safety Office, a requirement for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), oversees the management of safety procedures and houses all the necessary safety manuals. OSHA assures safe and healthy working conditions for the working men and women by setting and enforcing standards to be followed. They also provide training, outreach, education, and assistance when needed. The Safety Officer manages the safety of the workplace by preparing contingency plans and setting rules and regulations to prevent any dangerous event from occurring. Eramen Minerals Inc. have made all the necessary precautions and preparations to ensure a safe working environment.

Eramen Minerals Inc. also puts a focus on the health of their personnel, going as far as hiring a dietitian for their miners, engineers, and staff. They also built multiple clinics, one at base camp and one at the mining site itself. Eramen Minerals Inc. conducts mandatory monthly Central Safety Committee meetings wherein all staff, contractors, workers, and head officers gather to discuss what they have accomplished and what they still need to work on. A major part of the meeting is focused on discussing concerns on healthy, safety, security, and the environment. Overall, it is evident that the safety and well-being of everyone involved is the topmost priority of Eramen Minerals Inc.

Next month, Eramen Minerals Inc. will be conducting a tree planning activity with employees and the members of the community to further reinforce its advocacy for sustainable and responsible mining. The plan is to plant seeds in areas that have already been mined in order to begin the process of reforestation. The initiative will not only help the environment, but also benefit the communities involved as well. This is in stark contrast to the false accusation that they are negligent with their mining activities. An article wrongfully lumped them in with another mining corporation that does not follow the responsible, sustainable practices that they advocate. A video claiming to show the damage they have caused showed areas affected by another company’s mining operations, not theirs. Eramen Minerals Inc. take the necessary steps to remedy any damage caused by their activities, and anyone who visits their site can see that.