Flood protection and good water flow in agricultural areas can protect crops from surges, promote proper plant growth, increase crop yields, and enhance crop quality. Moreover, adequate water irrigation management contributes to economic growth and poverty reduction as a regular water supply substantially increases crop production, increasing income. To realize this prospect, Eramen Minerals, Inc. (EMI), moved to protect the crops of the farmers and improve water flow at Sitio Pao, Guisguis, Sta. Cruz, Zambales.

The project, which started on May 3, 2021, had 3-stages: desilting and dredging of the drainage canal, construction of berm, and clearing of the drainage canal’s perimeter. First, a 100-meter drainage canal with a width and depth of 2 meters was desilt and dredged. A total volume of 400cu.m. silt was removed. In addition, a 100-meter berm with a width and depth of 1.5 meters was also constructed. Furthermore, the 100-meters of the drainage canal’s perimeter had been cleared.

On the following day, a 90-meter drainage canal with a width and depth of 2 meters was dredged and desilt. A total volume of 360cu.m. was removed. Moreover, a berm with a 90-meter length, 1.5-meter width, and 2-meter depth was been constructed.

On the third day, there was a substantial increase in the project’s output. A 345-meter long, 2 meters wide, and deep drainage canal were dredged and desilt, removing 1,380cu.m. of silt. In addition, a berm 345 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, and deep was added.

On the fourth day of the project, May 06, 2021, a 65-meters long, 2-meter wide, and 2-meter deep drainage canal was dredged and desilt, removing 260cu.m. total of a slit. The berm was also extended 65-meters with a width and depth of 1.5 meters.

Another 50-meter long, 2-meter wide, and 2-meter deep drainage canal was dredged and desilt to excavate 200cu.m of silt on the fifth day of the project. In addition, another 50-meter long berm 1.5 meters deep and wide was extended.

On May 8, 2021, the final day of the project, a 35-meter long drainage canal was dredged and desilt, excavating 140cu.m of silt. Moreover, another 35-meter long berm was constructed.

The construction of the project lasted for six days. A 685-meter berm was constructed, and a 685-meter drainage canal was dredge and desilt, removing a total overall volume of 2,740cu.m of silt. EMI spent a sum of Php 123,600.00 for the project implemented under the 2021 Social Development and Management Program.

Finding tools and methods to manage water better is critical to the future success of agriculture. Thus, EMI aspires to continue helping the communities at Sitio Pao get a more reliable and regular supply of water for their farmlands. This astonishing project plays a vital role in the success of the community and is projected to provide long-term benefits for the country.

Aerial Photograph of the Berm and Drainage Canal

Dredging/Desilting and Construction of Berm