As one of the coastal municipalities in the province of Zambales, Santa Cruz is blessed by the abundance of natural resources that thrive in the surrounding sea and ocean. As such, fishing has been a vital source of livelihood for the residents due to the municipality’s rich aquatic resources. Many of the households in the coastal villages rely on fishing as their source of family income, and all of them need fishing boats.

With the purpose of assisting the fisher folks from Barangay Lucapon South, Eramen Minerals, Inc. extended its helping hand by providing a pump boat. This project was proposed and made possible by coordinating with the Lucapon South Barangay Council and through the Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) 2020 allocated fund for the barangay.  An amount of Php 38,817.00 was spent on purchasing the pump boat.

The residents, especially the fishermen, were happy and grateful to the company since the pump boat will help them continue their livelihood. By providing an owned boat, the fishermen will not be required to pay rent, reducing their costs and increasing their income.

Pump Boat with Local Fisherman from Barangay Lucapon South - Eramen Minerals Inc.