EMI opened this year’s mine tour to the community of Sta. Cruz, Philippine Society of Mining Engineers Bicol Chapter, Saint Louis University- Mine Engineering Students, and Adamson University- Mine Engineering Students which started on March this year, 2023.

A mine tour in exporting nickel would typically involve visiting a nickel mine and learning about the process of extracting and exporting nickel. Nickel is a valuable metal used in various industries, including stainless steel production, batteries, and electronics.

During the tour, they have the opportunity to observe different stages of the mining process, which may include exploration, excavation, and transportation of the nickel ore. You might also learn about the techniques and equipment used in the extraction process, such as mining trucks, excavators, and processing plants.

Additionally, the tour provides insights into the environmental and safety considerations associated with EMIs activities. Learned about measures taken to minimize the impact on the surrounding ecosystem, waste management practices, and safety protocols for workers.

In terms of exporting, the tour could cover aspects such as ore processing, refining, and the logistics of shipping nickel to international markets in Japan, Korea, and China. Mine tours gain an understanding of how nickel is processed to meet the quality and purity requirements of different customers and how it is packaged, stored, and transported for export.