In collaboration with the MEAD Foundation, EMI participated in releasing endangered sea turtles on the sea coast of Botolan, Zambales, on March 4, 2023, as part of their “Pawikan Project”.

Sea turtles have played an important role in maintaining the health of the world’s seas for more than 100 million years. They carry out many different duties, from maintaining healthy coral reef ecosystems to transporting crucial nutrients from the ocean to beaches and coastal dunes. Sea turtles, including various species such as green turtles, loggerheads, hawksbills, and leatherbacks, are globally recognized as vulnerable or endangered species due to various threats, including habitat loss, climate change, pollution, poaching, and incidental capture in fishing gear.

The Mead Foundation and EMI, are actively engaged in conserving sea turtles and their nesting habitats. This program has been pursued and is still one of the initiatives toward environmental conservation. Nesting programs are often implemented to protect sea turtle nests and ensure the successful hatching and survival of hatchlings. This collaboration involves monitoring nesting beaches, relocating vulnerable nests to safer locations, protecting nests from predation and human interference, and releasing hatchlings into the ocean.