Coins are used by Filipinos every day to pay for goods and services in their daily lives. We often overlook their significance in our day-to-day activities and transactions. Moreover, we take for granted how the coins themselves are made. All Peso coins currently in circulation are nickel-plated steel. Nickel is one of the most versatile metals and is used in many different applications we may not even realize. Nickel is tough, hygienic, 100% recyclable, and corrosion-resistant. Nickel is a metal that can be used for several decades without needing to be replaced. Below are some of the uses of nickel in everyday life.

  1. Coins

You always have a pocket change on-hand. There are always a couple of coins in your pocket to help you conveniently pay for something or even just to roundoff change. The first use of nickel for Philippine coins was in 1972. Though they stopped using the material in 1974, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas started using the metal again in 2004 and all iterations of the coins from there onwards.

  1. Alloys

As we know, Armor needs to be sturdy and last long. Nickel was introduced for these kinds of things, like armor, nails, and pipes, because of its resistance to corrosion. It serves as a protective coating for metal alloys. It also adds strength and higher temperature resistance. Nickel plays an integral part in metal materials in the industrial context.

  1. Lithium-ion Batteries

Everyone has a smartphone in their pockets. In this digital day and age, you cannot keep up and function properly unless you make use of technology and electronic devices. All of these items use batteries, and most if not, all are using Lithium-ion ones. Nickel plays a factor in the production of these batteries as nickel helps deliver a higher energy density and greater storage capacity at a lower cost. The main role of nickel is to serve as the energy storage system for modern batteries. These types of batteries are everywhere, from your iPhone or Android device to tables, and even now in electric vehicles.

With these examples, you can see just how important nickel is in our daily lives. It has been a vital part of our day-to-day lives up until now, and it is bound to play an important part in the foreseeable future. Eramen Minerals Inc. helps fulfill the need for nickel, providing some of the highest quality nickel in the Philippines whilst maintaining high standards in sustainability.


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